Second edition of the CUSP newsletter recaps all that has happened during the last six months; take a look to find out about upcoming events and exciting initiatives.

A year has already passed since the CUSP Cluster’s kick-off in June 2021. Former CUSP Chair, Tanja Ćirković Veličković (Imptox) has passed on the lead of the cluster to her counterpart from Plasticheal, Alba Hernández, who will be chairing CUSP for the coming year. With much accomplished and the foundations of our scientific collaboration shaped, we now look forward to achieving key CUSP goals. Likewise, exciting activities and collaborations are expected such as new thematic workshops and the first CUSP Young Researchers’ event to promote and facilitate the exchange of CUSP know-how among postdocs and PhDs.  

We have just published our second newsletter, which is available freely for download. It is being released right before the start of our second CUSP annual meeting on June 8-9. Check out the newsletter for a recap of all these exciting events and the work of our researchers during the last six months.