Plastic production has been rising for years now. Plastic can break down into smaller particles, called microplastics, so small, they can be inhaled. Researchers don’t know yet what the health risks of exposure to microplastics are. The potential effects will hence be studied by performing health measurements before and after exposure at three locations with varying traffic loads in Utrecht.

Participation will take about 23 hours, divided over three days between July and October 2022. On the first day in the morning, volunteers will come to the research facility at the Uithof, where we will start with health measurements (lung function, blood collection, questionnaire). Next, they will be taken in a group of five to six, to one of the three locations and stay there for four hours

Locations have been chosen to be diverse, and include a park and two other locations with more traffic, with an expected difference in microplastics levels. 

After four hours and on the following morning, health measurements will be performed once again.


The University of Utrecht is looking for healthy, non-smoking adults (with no respiratory, heart or vascular diseases) between the ages of 18 – 45, living in the area of the Utrecht Science Park.

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This research is part of an ongoing European wide research project, called POLYRISK. The current research is executed by the researchers of the Utrecht University.

For more information about the Utrecht study, please contact: Esther Lenssen,