The European Commission’s Research Cluster on the Health Impacts of Micro- and Nanoplastics (CUSP) has released its latest policy brief Micro- and Nanoplastics and Public Health: A Reasonable Concern. 

The publication highlights key findings from CUSP’s research into the health implications associated with micro- and nanoplastic particles and underscores the importance of addressing this emerging public health concern. 


As well as showcasing the latest research, the policy brief discusses its potential to inform existing EU legislation and highlights key knowledge gaps that still exist. CUSP’s work plays a vital role in informing EU policy to combat microplastic pollution and promote a cleaner, healthier environment for all. 

Access the full policy brief 

POLYRISK is a member of the European Cluster on the Health Impacts of Micro- and NanoPlastics (CUSP). Funded by the European Union, CUSP is a multidisciplinary team of scientists, industry, and policymakers collaborating in research on the complex relationship between micro- and nanoplastics and human health, from early life to adulthood.